We Provide Assistance And Guidance In Taking Various Type Of Loans To Individuals Through Multiple National Banks Like ICICI, HDFC, CITI, MAGMA, etc

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We are one of the leading Loans and Financial Service Provider in Delhi/NCR, loan services offered in Business Loans, Personal Loans, Property/Mortgage Loans, Home Loans, Loan Against Property, Car Loan etc.

Given the intense nature of the financial market, especially in the current economic scenario throughout, it's important to make sure you choose the best loan option for you. Using the services of A S Capital can make that happen for you without any hassle or breaking much of a sweat.

Given the state of the financial markets today, things are increasingly unpredictable, which is where you need some strong and solid support from experts like A S Capital who make sure you get the best option made available to you.

A S Capital knows a value of work and believes in giving best results with a sight of best possible cost, fast delivery and a high quality in work. We have employed a team of experienced and expertise professionals to handle effectively our wide array of financial services. Our diligent professionals work in close proximity with others in order to achieve our common goal to satisfy our clients.

Why A S Capital?

  • A S Capital provides bulk business to the finance partners and hence the processing fees have been fixed at the lowest possible levels. While most of the individuals look for only interest rates, banks make money on processing fees. This loop hole has been plugged by A S Capital and thus making the loans really cheap by offering the most competitive processing fees.

  • A S Capital works with a network of finance partners who are keen to provide loans. As A S Capital is a wholesaler in getting the loans from the finance partners, lowest possible interest rates have already been negotiated. This means that the all individual borrower's effort of negotiating has already been consolidated.

  • A S Capital acts as bridge between the borrower and the lender. This reduces the time of the borrower spent in doing research on the loans.

  • A S Capital gets your application at the comfort of your home and thus reducing your travel time to the banks and in turn saves you travel cost to the banks as well.

  • All types of loans are processed by A S Capital be it personal, housing, education, personal, gold mortgage or any other loan as you may require. Loan is to be seen as a support in the form of a financial aid. A S Capital as loan providers in Delhi/NCR, have taken a step forward to reduce the pains undergone by the borrowers in need and provide them with adequate and appropriate loans within the time specified.

Customer Satisfaction

Being a client centric organization our prime aim is to enhance our client satisfaction through our accurate and prompt financial services. Assessment of client satisfaction is essential in the growth of the company and to sort out the flaws involved in the services. We are able to maximize client satisfaction through
Prompt reply to their queries
Quick services for their financial requirements
Effective solution to their problems
Regular communication to sort out their financial problems
It is essential to measure client satisfaction for it helps in reducing the gap between the services provided and client requirement associated with the services. We achieve this by setting service standard, getting regular feedback and informing our clients about our financial plans and the relevance to them.

Our Domain Expertise

Our deep understanding of financial upheaval in various sectors and the solution thereof enables us to erase every single doubt of our clients regarding loans, mortgages and insurances. This also helps us in development of our organization. We realize that clients rely upon those who have real domain expertise.

Services Offered

Our comprehensive range professional investment consultancy services encompass of personal loans, mortgages, car loans, business loans and insurance & investments. Leveraging on our expertise in the industry and experience of our professionals we are able to comprehend the requirements of our clients and accordingly customize our services to suit their needs. Our services of insurance investment consultant are appreciated for the following salient features:
Simple and quick processing
Easy repayment
Low interest rates
Varying repayment tenure

Quality Assurance

As a financial service provider we ensure that our clients get the best in terms of our services. To ensure this we take consultation from our clients which are nothing but a two way flow of information between our clients and us. This enables us to know more about our clients and make them aware of our services. Our consultation with clients revolves around seeking improvements to deliver quality services

Backed by our client consultation process we are able to devise and correct flaws in our policy. This also enables us to build a strong bond between our clients.

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A S Capital knows a value of work and believes in giving best results with a sight of best possible cost, fast delivery and a high quality in work.

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