We Provide Assistance And Guidance In Taking Various Type Of Loans To Individuals Through Multiple National Banks Like ICICI, HDFC, CITI, MAGMA, etc


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Business Loans

Our wide array of business loans includes fast track business loans, secured term loans and overdraft facility. Backed by our experience we are capable of funding the financial requirements of our clients and help them in establishing their business. In addition to our business loans, we also offer a range of benefits, services, deals and discounts as enjoyed by corporations.

Business Overdrafts

We give you an array of business lending products like fast track business loans, secured term loans and overdraft facility. Be assured of all your financial requirements to keep your business ahead and growing. Get access to a whole range of unique benefits, services, business intelligence, deals and discounts that are normally enjoyed by large corporations. You can avail of a combination of Term Loan and Overdraft against your property.

Home Loans

We provide best home loan and assists the customer in a different and unique way to get the best home loan in term of lowest interest on home loan and a hassle free process to procure the home loan. We at A S Capital understand the specific needs of our clients as per their financial and social status and accordingly guides him/her in procuring a home loan.

Car Loans

Our financial services for car loans are available with some excellent features. Our easy to avail and hassle free car loans includes a wide array of cars. Some of the specifications of our car loans are as follows :
Instant car loans
Covers wide gamut of cars
Flexible Repayment Options
Attractive Car loan Plans to Fastrack your Loan
Speedy Processing of the loan (within 48 Hours)
Repay with Easy EMIs
Attractive Interest Rates
Hassle -Free Documentation

Insurance Services

We offer a wide range of insurance investment services offers as per our financial services. Our expertise in the sector ensures you to have a hassle free transaction with us. We comprehend your insurance requirements and accordingly offer you insurances. Our services include the following :
Life and general insurance protection
Our insurance covers every stage of life from childhood to retirement
Financial Services Consultants provide free consultation to customize your insurance plan
Through our expertise consultation we plan your financial goals and also help you in investment opportunities available in India and overseas.

Mortgage Loans

We provide financial services which includes mortgage loans or mortgages against your property. A mortgage loan against property (LAP) is a loan against the security of your existing property. Our mortgage loans are available with lower rates as compared to other consumer loans. Mortgage loans can be used for varieties of purposes such as funding existing business, debt consolidation, emergencies, education and many more. Our LAP is available against residential as well as commercial properties and the amount range in between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 10 crores. Some of the salient features of our mortgages comprises of the following :
Attractive Interest Rates
Up to 15 years of tenure for LAP
Easy monthly repayment
Available to both salaried and self employed
Speedy loan approvals
Insurance option available

Personal Loans

We offer our services in providing personal loans for any purpose. Our wide expertise in this area allows us to offer you the helping hand with immediate effect right from your request. Our personal loans are meant for business as well as for personal purpose. Our personal loans are available for a range of different amounts and have different repayment terms. The repayment period depends on the amount and the purpose of loan. The maximum amount one can avail depends from one lender to other.

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